Organising the perfect wedding

1. Clarify your ideas
Crystalise your thinking about the type of wedding reception that you want to have.
Research - magazines, think about weddings you've enjoyed or celebrations you've seen on TV etc that have appealed.
Start a wedding file, with clippings/photos/menus etc that resonate and help illustrate your vision.

2. Set a budget
This is one of the keys to success that will minimize your stress organising the big day.
The trick is to be realistic and remember you generally get what you pay for - so recognise, for example, that if you want a gourmet dinner you will need to pay accordingly (expect to pay a minimum of $50/head for a three-course dinner menu of a good standard).

3. Research & select a functions venue
Your wedding reception should reflect your style and personality. The venue for your event is a key part of this. For example Alimento is ideal for less formal celebrations.
Seating capacity or space for entertainment are other key factors to think about when choosing your venue. Alimento can seat 75 in its main room and another 35 in an adjoining room (it can also be used for a DJ or band).
If you are thinking of having your celebration at home it is important to balance the romance of the idea with the practical reality of the task. Generally it will end up being a lot more work for you and costing more if you choose to have the event at home rather than in a reception venue which is set up to host weddings.

4. Choose a caterer
Some functions venues (such as Alimento) have their own in-house caterers. Others leave it up to you to choose. If using a venue it is always good to get their recommendation on caterers who have done a good job previously for them. To help narrow down your search it is helpful to get testimonials from other weddings and find what similar-sized events they have done in similar venues.
Always get your caterer to check the venue to ensure everything is feasible or if any additional equipment will be needed. Any limitations may affect the menu they can offer you.
Out-catering can present a myriad of challenges so ensure you choose an experienced catering team that is set up for out-catering (like Alimento).

5. Select menu and key details
Your initial research on your ideal wedding reception should be pointing you towards a certain type of menu. Perhaps you want a four-course dinner with all the trimmings, a buffet or maybe just a cocktail style finger food celebration? Alimento offers all of the above options plus many more.
Talk to your caterer about what menus they can do that fits your ideas and budget. Do they offer any flexibility with the menu to ensure it suits you?
Remember to think about whether any of your guests have special dietary requirements (gluten-free, vegetarian etc) and ensure the caterer know so that nobody is left hungry.

6. Final pre-wedding meeting, finalizing any remaining details
A couple of weeks prior to the big day it is good to have a final meeting with your caterer/venue to ensure that everything is organized. This provides a last chance to iron out any issues or raise anything that may have been overlooked.

Issues to go over at this meeting include:
- Final numbers,
- Detailed timing of the whole event,
- Table layout arrangements,
- Finger food for bridal photos,
- If they would like a separate buffet table or on each table,
- Drinks arrangements,
- Entertainment
- Any special instructions.

7. Wedding day - have a fantastic day.
Have fun and relish every moment.


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