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Ah ….crunchy bacon with bright yolked perfectly poached eggs, two varieties of toast with a generous slab of butter – and the desire for a second latte anticipated.  Uno absolutely understands why Alimento was awarded Bay of Plenty Café of the Year by NZ Café Magazine.

The café’s owners, Janet and Ian Walker and their daughter Carly Ward, credit their staff with creating the nourishing atmosphere and service that their regulars are drawn to.  “We pride ourselves on being part of a happy team of experienced and energetic staff committed to ensuring our customers always want to come back”.

The many business people who appreciate Alimento’s secluded rear room for gatherings have been warmed over winter by a new fireplace.  Meanwhile below, parents can relax while children are busily absorbed in their play corner.

A café can stand or fall on its coffee.  That some people call in 3 times a day for a fix is testament to the consistency of Supreme coffee and the skill of the barista.  And while a busy lunch time will often see lines nearly to the door, Alimento’s streamlined system and policy of always keeping fully staffed ensures there is never more than a few minutes wait for service.

The Alimento team are constantly fine tuning their café to ensure that it continually ‘nourishes’ their customers.  That’s what Alimento is all about after all.

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Cabinets bulging with all sorts of tarts, gourmet pies and quiches, fresh salads, salmon hash cakes, risotto cakes, wraps and filled breads, scones and muffins; a sweet table that will have you wanting one of everything; and a new blackboard brunch menu that covers all the basics, but not as you know them.

Sure there’s French Toast, but Alimento’s version uses cinnamon sprinkled brioche and along with the grilled banana and streaky bacon, there’s maple syrup and homemade berry and rhubarb compote.

There are also the French Toast Fingers – chocolate filled chunky bread served with lemon curd and wildberry sauce.

And yes, there are pancakes but they’re oatcakes and they come with mixed berry compote, syrup and mascarpone.

The Thai Plum Chutney which comes with the corn fritters can be bought instore and the tomatoes haven’t just been sizzled in a pan, but roasted with pesto.

The brunch wrap, a delicious mix of scrambled free range eggs, spinach, ham and cheese served in a warm spinach tortilla, is set off to perfection with a big dollop of spicy beetroot and horopito relish (also for sale to take home).

More indecision – it’s a toss up between the apple strudel (served with icecream), the chocolate truffle cake or the lemon tart.

The citrus gets the thumbs up.  Actually, no – it gets two thumbs up.  The dense, eggy filling is exactly as it should be – tangy, ultra lemony, fight-over-able.

Value for money – given the quality of the ingredients and the dedication of owners Janet and Ian Walker and daughter Carly Ward, to provide food that’s a cut above, pretty much anything here is a good deal.

And give that barista a gold star – the latte is perfect, ditto the flat white, which I go back for the next day.  Alimento is licensed and has a small, but perfectly formed wine list.

The staff were great.  Attentive but not overly so, calm under pressure.

The verdict:  This lot know the meaning of added value.  Alimento does what the best cafes in Wellington do:  they know their food, they know their coffee and they do both extremely well.

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Alimento: "A chic café with superb coffee, a great menu easy parking and a large backroom popular for power breakfast meetings.''
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Tauranga - Alimento - courtyard style
On a sunny day Alimento is one of the best cafes in Tauranga at which to chill out, which is why between midday and 2pm getting a table street side is so difficult.

That's why the old Masonic Lodge is now one of the city's favourite daytime cafes. It's definitely one of the city's best looking cafes, comprising two large split-level rooms indoors plus the uncovered courtyard out the front.

The coffee is as good as ever, the brunches excellent and the hordes that inhabit this place is testament to it being one of the city's best. The food cabinets are always tempting, there's a blackboard menu, and it is licensed and open daily.

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Tauranga’s Best Café

"Alimento is the sort of place that we need more of. The owners managed to make the most of an odd location (Alimento is surrounded by offices and industrial-looking buildings and lean-tos) by a varied and delicious menu and by turning the café into a true destination for locals. The crowds gathering there mid-week and at weekends are a sure sign of a good eaterie."

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